Морские просторы ждут Вас!
Вам больше не придется кататься одним возле дома! Наши jetserf-туры - это всегда команда единомышленников (не более 10 человек), которая вместе покоряет воды морей и океанов.
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Станьте частью огромного сообщества jetserfеров по всему миру!
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Who are we and why Jetsurf Camps?

We are the founders of Top Jet Surfing, the leading jetboard center in Italy. Very often we see our customers buying a jetboard and they are very satisfied. But they want to share their happiness with other people, and even better if these people also love jetboarding like them. It is on this philosophy that we built the idea of ​​jetboard tours around the world.

We unite jetsurfers all over the world: we relax together, surf, play poker, have lunch and dinner, travel and learn new things. If you are on our site, you are most likely also a surfer who is looking for like-minded people! You are in the right place! Every year our jetsurfer community is growing, more and more people join, we need you, we won't grow without you!

We organize joint tours around the world to ride jetboards as a team, rejoice together, share successes and achievements and of course compete! We organize our informal jetsurf competitions among the participants of our tours.

Join us and show what you are capable of! Stop surfing alone, it's more fun together! Our tours are a sea of ​​emotions, drives and positivity! A lot of friends are waiting for you, we will conquer the infinite seas and oceans together!

We receive a large number of positive reviews after our tours! Some write that they have found friends for life, some that their values ​​and worldview have changed after our tours, and some say that their life will never be the same after each tour.

We will open up a new life that you did not know before. Extreme, drive, adrenaline, unforgettable waters of the oceans and seas, beautiful beaches, sun, fun, communication, evening walks with friends, the best local cuisine - you will get all this and more!

We are ready for the journey! Are you ready? ...
Join our "family" and enjoy jet surfing with us!
And remember: we are the only field in the world that lets jetboards ride!

Relax with us!

Book your place in our camp now! And we decorate your daily life with new unforgettable emotions!
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In our tours you can find everything you want:
+ Team of professional organizers;
+ Multilingual accompanying guides;
+ Technical support in jeep with spare jetboards, spare parts for repairing jetboards and fuel;
+ Professional equipment (walkie-talkie, life jackets, helmets, GoPro);
+ Photo and video operators, aerial photography.

The advantages of our tours

+ The best places for jetsurfing: places for fast modes and to practice tricks;
+ The only Jetsurf Camp in the world, a big family of people who are always on the same frequency with you;
+ Comfortable accommodation: the best hotels and villas;
+ The best restaurants: delicious traditional local cuisine;
+ A rich night and evening life;
+ Excursion, meditation, yoga and joint entertainment programs;
+ Competitions for Jetserf Tour Participants.
+ The opportunity to participate for "beginners" as well as for those who do not have their own board;
+ Surf training and tricks from professional mentors;
+ The ability to bring a family with you - spend time together and share pleasant moments;
+ Tour packages of different price ranges to choose from.
Become part of a huge jetsurfer community around the world, join a private group now!
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