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We are the only ones in the world who can guarantee
every day Camps activity regardless of the waves or the wind.
Морские просторы ждут Вас!
Вам больше не придется кататься одним возле дома! Наши jetserf-туры - это всегда команда единомышленников (не более 10 человек), которая вместе покоряет воды морей и океанов.
туры "Jetserf - travel"
Станьте частью огромного сообщества jetserfеров по всему миру!
First Jetsurf Camps
in the World
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Do you want to know how we do it? Simple!
We use Jet Surf - motor surfing!
Профессиональная команда организаторов спортивных Jetserf-туров по всему миру
We choose the most beautiful and the most comfortable places to practice Jetsurf. Regular waves, flat water or long down coasts, all together
Our professionals accompany you in the water and provide you technical support or spare jetboards
We organize Jetsurf RACES with important prizes. In every Camp, you can win something. Just be quick!
Each camp for you, as for us, are always unforgettable emotions and impressions. To keep these emotions forever - on each of our journeys we make professional photo and video shoots that will capture the most unusual and exciting moments of our great Jetsurf tours. In addition, after each tour, you will receive a video and photo archive with your best moments.
Video, foto and aerial shots
We use DJI drones, GoPro 9 action cameras, Nikon professional cameras and special 200-500 and 50-300 lenses.

List of the camps

Enjoy a Jetsurf holiday with us!
We organize at least 3 camps a year in the most beautiful places on the planet!
Наши туры - это ...
Профессиональная команда организаторов спортивных Jetserf-туров по всему миру
Самые лучшие места для Jetserfing - места для скоростных режимов и отрабатывания трюков
Комфортное проживание - лучшие отели и виллы, организованное вкусное питание и насыщенная ночная жизнь
Единственный в мире Jetsurf Camps,
большая семья "своих" людей, которые Всегда на одной волне
Соревнования для участников Jetserf-туров - еще один повод показать на что Вы способены
Многоязычные сопровождающие на джипе с техподдержкой и запасными джетбордами
Возможность участия для "новичков", а также для тех у кого нет своей доски. Обучение новичков всего за 2 часа
Возможность взять с собой семью на отдых - провести время вместе и разделить приятные моменты
6 дней
All of our tours for “jetboarders” are well organized and located in the best places for this particular sport. We try to choose the most beautiful beaches, smooth waves or calm waters.

Jetsurf Camps worldwide

The jetsurf camps are not only a great way to learn about new and adrenaline sports, but also to visit the most beautiful corners of our planet. And all this in the company of other Jetsurf enthusiasts like you!
Jetsurf Adventure 2022 + Tube:

1. Ease of manage
2. Excellent manoeuvrability
3. Accurate gas dosing
4. Comfortable foot supports
5. Tube: a unique tool to facilitate the first steps in Jetsurf
6. The absence of the propeller
7. Speed up to 60 km / h
Our camps are also suitable for those who do not have their own Jetsurf!

Jetsurfing school during our camps

To teach beginners to Jetsurf, we use the most modern and specially equipped Jetsurf Adventure DFI 2021 + Tube, which will help you take your first steps into the world of jetsurfing in comfort and without any particular effort!
Guaranteed! After only 2 hours of training, you will ride the Jetboard almost like a pro
Путешествуйте в команде единомышленников
You no longer have to jetsurf alone! Our camps always consist of a team of like-minded people (no more than 6 people in each camp), who together conquer the waters of the seas and oceans.
Become part of a huge jetsurfer community around the world, join a private group right now!
Founder of Top Jet Surfing, kitesurf instructor and camp manager
Co-Founder - Chief Mechanic,
Italian Motosurf '21 Champion
Our team is made up of professionals in their field.
Together we will accompany you on our tours.
Our Team
Sales, Yachtsman, TJS and Motosurf customer manager
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